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Hey, already find ticket to fly to Japan? Is that so, it is time to find what you going to do in Japan.

As you know, there is a lot of things, you can see in Japan, like "Typical" Japanese place like Asakusa, Fuji-san, Kyoto...Maybe you want to eat Sushi, Tenpura, Kobe-beef.

But you know, in Japan, there is a lot of fascinating events or place along to your hobby and interests around your visiting place. Only thing it is difficult to see, because you do not know Japanese language and Japanese custom.

Because most of events going in Japan is design for Japanese because domestic market is still big even those events are we know fascinating people coming to Japan.

That is what we want to solve and open Japanese entertainment to the world.

Especially, Tokyo this city is called one of entertainment city in the world, like New york and London. I believe that you can find any entertainment things like world top-level professional sports, concert or stage shows with your interest and you never see in your country. I also believe that that is real Japan not only traditional things to see.

So enjoy to find place and event around your visiting city and enjoy staying in Japan.

About Media

Helping you to understand what is going on in Japan right now, we are collecting event information from internet. And combine together those explanations, photo and video especially not only for people understand Japanese culture but also for foreigner. By using AI Engine, We try to make article-like page to let you understand deeply including specific culture to enjoy.

Also by Translating engine, we provide about 50 local language at once, but if you can understand English, please read English article :) (Because we mostly collecting English based information to creating articles.)

About Team

This service is running by private team of Est rouge where place in Da nang, Vietnam.

We appreciate any contact or chat to give us feed back. And if you want to know about entertainment in Japan, please contact us anytime you want.