JOKAFES 2019-Fukuyama castle lower music festival-

JOKAFES2019 ー福山城下音楽祭ー
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Clitorick · squirrel (Sugim)

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CLITORIC RIS (CLITORIC RIS) is a scum unit of Japan by Sugim. The catchphrase is "Napoleon underlying."

October 2006 Sugim (then 36 years old), who was a salaried worker with an advertising company who had no music experience at all, will form a band with regular guests at his bar. But on the first day of the first live show, all the other members got dead, the inconvenience and the improvised performances performed by one pants according to the rhythm machine became a topic, becoming to be called by Goto Mariko (then Midori) .

After that I also performed live activities mainly in the Kansai area with two pairs of storytellers with salaried workers, but I ran around with fullin at the Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi store instructive, and the store manager of the time was written a manuscript and I got towreko Departing in 2012 as a result of having quit. After that, I will be doing energetic live performances in Tokyo and rural areas.

Keitaro Kago attended Universal Music · Great Hunting at the time (departing from the end of 2015) and appeared in events such as "Summer Demons".

On February 4, 2015 MV "Bandmann woman" by Director Noboru Iguchi was released, and distribution of the same song was also started at the same time.

On December 2, 2015, the first nationwide distribution album "Your Ball" was released from Tower Record's "TOWER RECORDS" label, delivered by Universal Music and Great Hunting. On December 15th I went on a one man live at Shibuya WWW.

In 2016 he also challenged acting and starred for the movie "Light and Baldness" exhibited at MOOSIC LAB 2016 for the first time. MOOSIC LAB 2016 won two crowns of Best Musician Award and Best Actor Award.

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