Hamamatsu attendance `` 57th Bunji Sakai Katsura solo performance ''

浜松寄席「第57回 桂文治独演会」
Stage/Dance/Comedy Dance and Performance art

Bunji Katsura

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Bunji Katsura was born on August 25, 1967. He is a Japanese comic storyteller. The present day of Katsura Bunji, a relic of the Katsura school in the east and west . He is director of Rakugo Art Association . Dekoko is Musashi Specialty (Iya Tobi in the Heiji period of true hits, Please come true in the second period). The former name is the 2nd generation Keiji Katsura . Graduated from Oita Prefectural Yokkaichi High School .

1994 NHK New Artist Award
1997 Heisei Kita Topia Award 1998
Heisei 6 Hayashi Ichiroku Award 2009 Heisei 6th 2009 Art Festival Award Winner of the rookie award at the 60th Katsura Heiji solo performance Tendaime Katsumi Bunji Hachibanban.
2012: Won the Rakugo Grand Prix

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