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Shogo Shichigosan

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Shogo Shichigosan is a Kyogen teacher. The second son of Human National Treasure IV Shigematsu Chisaku. Studied under the age of his father and grandfather Life III Shigeyama Chiaki. In 1995, he was born in Shichigosan II. He has also participated in many overseas performances, and in new Kyogen. He received "93 Kyoto Prefecture Culture Encouragement Award".

He is also active as an instructor, including teaching at the Nabari Children Kyogen Association.
He actively participates in activities to introduce overseas kyogen, a traditional Japanese performing art. Overseas performances have participated almost every year in recent years, and the activities are remarkable. In 1999, he graduated from Hanagata Kyogenkai. In January 2000, he was invited to the Academy of Actors in Paris (ARTA) to conduct a workshop.

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