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Tayama Ryosei

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Ryosei Tayama (August 9, 1951) is a Japanese actor and talent. His real name and former stage name, Ryoichi Takayama. Born in Midori Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture. Belongs to the Sys Company.

He joined the Japan Broadcasting Corporation Nagoya Broadcasting Children's Theater Company in 1962, and graduated from the Institute of Literature in 1974 (15th year student). Joined the theater company "Yume no Yuminsha" in 1979 (Aya Enjoji, Kenta Saoi etc. belong). Since then, he has been active in theaters, TV dramas and movies.

The role of a middle-aged, dull middle-aged man was a standard, and his face became widely known in `` Special Mission Chief Tadano Hitoshi '', but the play was wide, and villains, criminal roles, teachers, doctors, police officers ( (Many chiefs and executives). In addition, he often calls himself an "actor actor" because he plays many small officials.

During his youth, as well as Morio Kazama, Akio Kaneda and Kazuhiro Yamaji, he appeared in many Nikkatsu romantic pornography alongside her stage activities.

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