Broadway musical "West Side Story" Season 2

<日本キャスト版>ブロードウェイ・ミュージカル『ウエスト・サイド・ストーリー』 Season2
Stage/Dance/Comedy Musical show

Catchy Kohei

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Kohei Kamiguchi (Ueguchi fair, April 6, 1985) is a Japanese actor, dancer. The old stage name is Kohei Minato (Kohei Minato). Born in Wakayama Prefecture. Junction affiliation. Gakushuin University Faculty of Letters Japanese department graduation.
Going to a dance studio from childhood, it was especially received a great influence on Michael Jackson. High school enrollment and moved to Tokyo at the same time. There is the experience of winning a national scale dance contest while in school.

2002, actor debut in the TV drama "Gokusen" Regular (stage name at the time starring "MinatoKohei"). Director-playwright of HataKen Nissi in 2003 becomes one graduating class of the theater workshop "TAKE1" sponsored. Later, the activities at the center of the stage musical.

In addition to have appeared in a number of dance events and clubs show as a dance team "DEVAKINGS" which was formed in the class mate, et al. Of Meiji Gakuin High School, are also activities such as dance instructors and choreography.

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