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Shinichiro Ikebe (September 15, 1943) is a Japanese composer. The degree is Master of Arts (Tokyo University of the Arts, 1971). Director of Yokohama Minatomirai Hall, General Counselor of the All Japan Chorus Federation, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo College of Music, Cultural Merit His real name is Shinichiro Ikebe.

He has served as a professor at the Tokyo College of Music, and a director of the Tokyo College of Music.
Born in Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture. In his childhood, he was weak and self-taught with a piano at home. Graduated from Shinjuku High School in Tokyo in 1963. Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Music Department in 1967. Completed the graduate school in 1971. In junior high school and high school, he also played clarinet.

Also, it has a deep relationship with the amateur music world, especially with chorus. While serving as an officer of the All Japan Choral Federation for many years, he also created a mixed choir suite Devil's Satisfaction in 1984 under the commission of the Kobe City Center Choir, and has also interacted with the Utago Movement. He also commissions and composes the theme songs for the All Japan Brass Band Competition. Since 2007, he has been the music director of the Setagaya Cultural Foundation Music Division, and during the event, he will perform a short talk on the stage.

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