Asian Nail Festival in Osaka 2019

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Asian Nail Festival in Osaka 2019 is Fashion show Amusement event held in Japan.

Nail Summer Festival. It is the largest nail event in West Japan. It is the largest nail event in West Japan where a large number of people gather, including approximately 20,000 nailists, salon owners, hairdressers, and nail fans. The latest nail trends and trends in the nail industry are being disseminated toward Japan and Asia, and the largest variety of nail competitions in West Japan that compete for "No. 1 in Japan" and "No. 1 in Asia" can be held every year. This is a major summer festival that includes all of the nails, such as the free nail care technology experience corner and the nail trade show where the latest nail and beauty items gather. Asia Nail Festival Official Site

Name of performance: Asian Nail Festival in Osaka 2019
Venue: Intex Osaka
Open: 2019/05/07 (Tuesday) 10:00
* Valid only once per person during the period
July 14th, 2019 (Sun) 10: 00-18: 30 (Admission Deadline 17:00 / Sale End 18:30)
July 15, 2019 (Mon) 00-18: 00 (admission deadline 16:30 / sale end 17:00)
Limited number of tickets: You can book up to 10 tickets in a single application. Application limit 4 times.
Type of seats and fees:
 Advance sale: ¥ 1,500
Payment methods: You can book at this reception
Credit card: It will be settled when the application is completed.
Convenience store / ATM: Please pay by the time of display of application.
Family mart
Lawson Ministop
Page compatible ATM
Delivery Delivery service: We will deliver in about a week after payment is completed.
FamilyMart: Please receive at the in-store Fami port terminal after 2019/05/07 (Tuesday).
Seven-Eleven: Please receive at the cash register after 2019/05/07 (Tuesday).

This photo is not describe about event or place exactly. It might be some image supported to explain this event.

This photo is not describe about event or place exactly. It might be some image supported to explain this event.

It is a Nishi Nippon's largest nail event and people pay a lot of attention to it.

This photo is not describe about event or place exactly. It might be some image supported to explain this event.

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ASKA (Asuka, February 24, 1958 -) is a Japanese male musician. Real name: Shigeaki Miyazaki (Shigeaki Miyazaki). Former name: Asuka Ryo (Asuka Ryo). From Onojo city, Fukuoka prefecture. Graduated from Dai-ichi economic university. Affiliated private office is Burnish Stone, affiliated label is DADA label.

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It is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture and the largest component of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area, the second largest metropolitan area in Japan and among the largest in the world with over 19 million inhabitants. Osaka (大阪市 , Ōsaka-shi) (Japanese pronunciation: [oːsaka] ;   listen   ) is a designated city in the Kansai region of Japan. Situated at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, Osaka is the second largest city in Japan by daytime population after Tokyo's 23 wards and the third largest city by nighttime population after Tokyo's 23 wards and Yokohama, serving as a major economic hub for the country.


In the 11th century, the city was renamed Kyoto ("capital city"), after the Chinese word for capital city, jingdu (京都 ). In Japanese, the city has been called Kyō ( ), Miyako ( ), or Kyō no Miyako ( ). Kyoto (京都市 , Kyōto-shi, pronounced [kʲjoːtoꜜɕi] ; UK /k ɪ ˈ oʊ t oʊ / , US /k i ˈ oʊ - / , or /ˈ k j oʊ - / ) is a city located in the central part of the island of Honshu, Japan.

Osaka Prefecture

Osaka Prefecture (大阪府 , Ōsaka-fu) is a prefecture located in the Kansai region on Honshu, the main island of Japan. The capital is the city of Osaka. It is the center of Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto area. Osaka is one of the two "urban prefectures" ( , fu) of Japan, Kyoto being the other (Tokyo became a "metropolitan prefecture", or to, in 1941).

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