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Kōji Ohagi

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Koji Ohagi (Ojohagi Yasushi, April 7, 1978) is a Japanese guitarist from Kobayashi city, Miyazaki prefecture.

He began playing guitar at the age of 9 with his mother. In 1996 after graduating from Kobayashi High School in Miyazaki Prefecture, he studied at the Ecole music school in Paris, France. In the following year 1997, he entered in Paris' Conservatoire as the chief. In 1998, he won the second prize at Havana International Guitar Competition. At the same time, he won "Leo Blowwell Movie Best Performing Award". He had his CD debut on September 21, 2000, "One day in November". After that he appeared in numerous music event at home and abroad. He also co-starred with cello player Zhao Qi and releasing an album. In 2004 he received the Hotel Okura Music Award. In 2008, he won the Idemitsu Music Award.

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Kudo Shigeyuki

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Kudo Shigeyuki (born September 26, 1954) is a Japanese flute player. He is a professor at the Tokyo College of Music and is one of the representative flute players in Japan who is active all over the world, especially solo.

He was born in Sapporo city, Hokkaido. In 1975 he studied abroad in France (after graduating from Toho) without graduation and studied at the Paris Conservatoire Rampal class. In January 1979 he joined the French National Lille Orchestra and became the principal flute player. He completed the Paris Conservatory in 1979. In 1987 he left the Lille Orchestra and moved to solo as well as being a professor at the Paris Ecole Normar Conservatory.

By 2004, he played in more than 180 cities in 40 countries, mainly recitals. He has also performed with orchestras with the NHK Symphony Orchestra, most national organizations in Japan, and over 30 overseas major organizations.
He was served as a chief flute player of the Saito Kinen Orchestra from 1987 to 2009, and a head flute player of the Mito Chamber Orchestra from 1990. In March 2013, he became the special chief player of Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa.

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Saru Kobayashi (soprano)

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Saru Kobayashi is a Japanese soprano.
She graduated from the Department of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts. She completed Master's degree in the university graduate school. She is from Tokyo. She studied abroad from March 2010 and conducting the performance while studying in Vienna and Rome.

She was the first student has half of fiscal Nomura Foundation scholarship in 2010, overseas trainees from the Cultural Affairs Agency for Cultural Affairs, 2011. 2014 Rohm Music Foundation Scholarship student. Studied vocal music with Ayako Nakamura, Ohi Takahashi, Tomoko Shimazaki, Adele Haas, Walter Moore, G. Gitto and others. In July 2010 he attended a master course by soprano singer, Mirella Freni, pianist, Wolfram Leger in Austria. In May 2011 he took master classes in Belgium by baritone singer, Tom Krauss, soprano singer, and Teresa Berganza. In 2015 she attended a master class by Mr. Mariella Devier in Rome. Transfer base to Japan in the fall of 2015. A member of the Japan Vocal Academy. Members of the Fujiwara Opera Group.

Begin classical ballet with piano from 5 years old. At the age of 10, she became a special auditor of theater special school "Tokyo conservatory" by Mr. Tamasaburo Bando and began to learn Japanese dance. She adore the stage actress, starting to study vocal music seriously from the age of 17. She especially respects Audrey Hepburn and Mr. Tetsuko Kuroyanagi.

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Yoshinobu Kamei

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Soon after finishing music high school of Toho Gakuen in 1994, Yoshinobu Kamei entered Paul Dukas Conservatoire in Paris and then transferred to Conservatoire Nationale de Region CNR de Aubervillier-La Courneuve and from both schools, he received grand premier.
He won Prix SPEDIDAM at the international competition at Toulon in 1997 and 1st prize at Japan woodwind competition in 2003. Also, he is awarded the 16th Idemitsu Music award and in 2005 receives the Alion Music Award. He was highly evaluated by Mr. P. Boulez and joined the world tour of Zingaro from 1999 to 2002 as a solo clarinet.
He returned to Japan in 2003 and since then he performed recitals, Solo player with Nagoya Philharmonic, Kansai Philharmonic, Tokyo Philharmonic orchestra, Saito-Kinen Orchestra, and others.
He now teaches at Tokyo Music and Arts University and Tokyo Music College and the director of Ensemble R.

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Konno Hiroko

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Konno Hiroko is from Sapporo City. After completing the Graduate School of Music from Sakai Women's High School Music and Sakai Gakuen University. Appeared in high school graduation concert, university piano graduation concert. Studied with Reiko Nagai, Mika Abe and Megumi Ito.

She has appeared at music festivals such as "La Fol Journet o Japon", "Kouchinai International Guitar Festival 2010" and "Tokyo Spring Music Festival".
Tsubaki Gakuen University Voice Music Department Concert Performer, currently works as a second term training institute pianist, NHK Culture Center Aoyama Lecturer.
It has a good reputation for the ensemble with vocal music and instrumental music, and has been co-starring with many artists and each of Fukuda Shinichi, Hatano Ayumi and Kobayashi Sara.
She has also participated in numerous CD recordings of the soprano singer Kobayashi Sara's second album "Songs of the World's Best Song" released in 2016 and a number of choirs.

She is in charge of on-the-spot instruction, dubbing hands and sounds of the main character (Juri Ueno) of "Nodame Cantabile", which recorded dramas, movies and blockbuster hits.
In the movie "Jingdo" released in 2007, she is in charge of dubbing the hand of the main character (Akiko Narumi).
In addition, she has expanded the range of activities in various fields, such as being in charge of piano instruction for Amano performer (Rika Tanabe) in "Code Blue 3rd SEASON".

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