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Kudo Shigeyuki (born September 26, 1954) is a Japanese flute player. He is a professor at the Tokyo College of Music and is one of the representative flute players in Japan who is active all over the world, especially solo.

He was born in Sapporo city, Hokkaido. In 1975 he studied abroad in France (after graduating from Toho) without graduation and studied at the Paris Conservatoire Rampal class. In January 1979 he joined the French National Lille Orchestra and became the principal flute player. He completed the Paris Conservatory in 1979. In 1987 he left the Lille Orchestra and moved to solo as well as being a professor at the Paris Ecole Normar Conservatory.

By 2004, he played in more than 180 cities in 40 countries, mainly recitals. He has also performed with orchestras with the NHK Symphony Orchestra, most national organizations in Japan, and over 30 overseas major organizations.
He was served as a chief flute player of the Saito Kinen Orchestra from 1987 to 2009, and a head flute player of the Mito Chamber Orchestra from 1990. In March 2013, he became the special chief player of Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa.

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